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Conversational Marketing

Path2Excel brandwatch bot collects visitors’ emails & connects them with sales reps

“Conversational Marketing exploits the potential of messaging apps to reach the target audience directly, establishing more human-like relations with potential customers. Therefore, conversational marketing provides brands with accurate customer-related insights.”

Chris Rowe - Marketing Lead at Path2Excel

Path2Excel  collects visitors’ emails and connects them with the sales reps. A super-quick sales funnel in a few clicks!

CAIBots started collecting information about prospects’ budget or pricing expectations, their preferences, issues, needed services, and so much more.

  • Visitor immediate responses on website has grown 56%
  • Start conversations on the fly with the visitors by by collecting the emails and nurture them to the next stage.
  • Allow sales reps to chat with target accounts when they hit your site using CAI's intelligent routing and real-time notifications — or book meetings while they sleep with AI chatbots.