CAI Sales Case Studies

Bringing the power of conversations to Marketing, Sales, and Service. Our client’s results speak for themselves. See how we’ve helped a variety of clients continuously grow their business.

This is just the beginning.

Conversational Sales Bot

Product Reseller Bot | Car Sales Bot

vDesizn uses CAIBot for SaaS product sales. Thanks our CAIBot engine , as it makes full and accurate use of the Itemsy knowledge base it was provided with, focuses on the topic at hand and cannot be maneuvered away from it.

Ultimately, it’s all about conversation. It requires context, needs to be unscripted, adaptive and creative. Visitor on the eCommerce site’re still talking to a machine but this time language feels more like natural language. 

Using a buyer-obsessed approach, like the CAI Car Sales Bot above, enables sellers to jumpstart conversations, build quality pipeline, and increase sales velocity using real-time insights and omni-channel communications.

The Results:

  • 45% Increase in Sales Rep Efficiency
  • 33% Increase in Sales Velocity
  • 4X Return on Investment
  • High Value Deals Closed in Record Time