CAI Service Case Studies

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Conversational Service Bot

Product Returns Bot Support

Electronics Joy4U is an electronics gadgets and supplies brick and mortar shop having slow and complex processes to handles product demos, support and return requests. CAIBots helped the clients to go online by setting up eCommerce store and deploying chatbots for product demos to collecting feedback, handle an end-to-end customer experience including product returns and refunds. 

Key Challenges:

  • ~35% of the customers were switching to the competitors stating poor support experience
  • 20%+ support requests were misdirected to the sales team
  • Team spending significant on trivial activities getting constrained to service priority tickets.

CAIBots Solution & Outcomes:

  • 75% retention of customers  by recognizing customer concerns using social media monitoring and automated ticket classification
  • Delivered automatic call routing to specific departments and seamless agent hand-off
  • Achieved 80% team utilization on high-impact customer service with the help of support analytics dashboard