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Want to build next-gen marketing, sales, or services capabilities? Welcome to our world. We blend cutting edge "Conversational AI" technology like automated chatbots & messenger sequences to grow your business faster... without any long term contracts or lock-ins.

Why AI Bots? At A Glance...

⚡ 24/7 Lead Flow : Intelligent AI-powered bots to enable real-time personalized conversations 24x7 with your customers. Robots don't rest.

🤖 Your Bot, Your Brand: Our beautifully designed bots can be matched to your brand image, including colors and the tone of language used.

🚀 Exponential Growth: Retail sales from chatbot-based interactions are forecast to almost double every year to $112 billion by 2023.

💸 Competitive Advantage: "Retailers that don't adopt chatbots will face strong challenges from more technologically adept disruptors that use chatbots as an extension of the omnichannel retail experience." Source: Juniper Research

💬 Conversational: Generating leads via a conversational chatbot vs a static pop-up increases leads by up to 100%. Source: Aminos AI

🌎 Future Proof: Your cutting-edge chatbot will always be using the latest technology. Never fall behind on new developments.

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CAIBots Enriches Business-To-Human Conversations Building Trust and Growing Revenues.

  • Conversational Marketing --> Place your business at the right place, right time, every time.
  • Conversational Sales --> Engage your buyers in heartbeat on their terms making sales two-sided.
  • Conversational Service --> Protect your customers not letting through the cracks creating better user experiences.

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I have niche website on techniques to safeguard from EMF Radiation. Website bot deployed on my site constantly capture leads with excellent engagement rate. Click & sales are great. Thanks CAIBots.

Kate Laren, Los Angeles, CA

Facebook Messenger deployed on my business page does wonders. It greats visitors and engage with them offering great amount of initial details. I convert 50% of the leads come from Messenger. Great customer experience!

Barry John, Miami, Florida

OMG! The Messenger and website bots deployed for my salon and spa are like my sales agent 24x7. I started getting lot of leads from there that converts very well. Not only costs went down. my clients get superior experience.

Eva Mary, Chicago, IL

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